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Artist Statement

My work delves into the intricate dynamics of belonging, focusing on the interplay between individuals and their environments. I often find myself questioning place: whether tangible, such as a house or room, or intangible, such as societal constructs or personal mindsets. Memories serve as inspiration and content, blurring distinctions between past and present, as well as internal and external landscapes. I employ various mediums, including painting, sewing, and embroidery, to convey the complexities of belonging. My artistic process involves questioning the significance of different places against my own internal and external systems, leading to a series of interconnected artworks based on Home and Nature. Drawing from personal experiences and reflections, I infuse my work with a sense of authenticity and introspection. Through my art, I strive to challenge conventional notions of belonging and inspire viewers to reflect on their relationships with people and places.

Selected Works

I'm Built of Your Memories Installation

2023 Painting

2022 Paintings

When I Look In The Mirror Series